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NASC COVID Play Policies


North Allegheny Soccer Club (NASC) will follow the PAWest Soccer Fall 2021 COVID-19 Mitigation protocols found here:

In addition, NASC will implement the following additional guidelines:


1.) The PAWest Participation Waiver and the North Allegheny Soccer Club Participation Waiver must be signed and submitted via DocuSign prior to participating in any club event. Players whose parents have not signed and submitted both waivers will NOT be permitted to practice or play with their teams. 


2.) Please read this document carefully. Be sure you and your player are abiding by the policies described here so the focus can be on the enjoyment of soccer.  This document may change during the course of the season. Please revisit this link throughout the season for updates, as the circumstances are constantly evolving. 


3.) Please stay home from soccer activities if suffering from illness with fever >100 degrees, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of taste or smell, or any other respiratory illness.  Please take your player’s temperature to make sure he/she does not have a fever (>100) before leaving the house. Please wash your hands with soap and water before leaving your house.

4.) Coaches will set up a designated area of socially-distanced cones at each soccer activity Players will leave their bags, water, and equipment next to one of the cones in this area. Benches should NOT be used as they have traditionally been used in the past.

5.) The club will provide hand sanitizer as supply permits. Coaches, players and parents are also welcome to bring their own supplies.

6.)  These are NASC’s Return to Play Policies. When NASC travel teams attend road games, our parents will be required to follow these policies.  However, if an opposing club has stricter policies for their facilities/club, we are required to abide by the policies being enforced at their facilities.

7.) North Allegheny Soccer Club Travel Coaches are required to send these additional policies to the opposing coaches when they email them game times and field locations each week. Please also ask opposing coaches to relay these policies to their fans so they can also abide by our policies. Please notify the club president, Otto Tancraitor, at [email protected] should a visiting team not abide these policies.

What if my child is sick or is in quarantine or respiratory isolation? 


  1. If the player has a fever > 100, cough, difficulty breathing (for players with chronic cough or difficulty breathing due to allergies or asthma, a change from their baseline), sore throat, diarrhea or vomiting, or new onset of severe headache especially with fever, the player will not be permitted to play.  

  2. If a player is in isolation/quarantine per request from school, county, or other entity due to an exposure, then we would ask the player to return to play once he/she is cleared to return to school, county, or other entity.

  3. If the player tests positive for COVID-19 and remains asymptomatic then he/she can return to play after 10 days of quarantine (on day 11). If the player tests positive for COVID-19 and is symptomatic, then he/she can return to play after 10 days of quarantine (on day 11) and 72 hours symptom-free.

  4. If anyone in the household is positive for COVID or has been within 6 feet of someone who is positive for more than 15 minutes, then the player should remain quarantined for 14 days from when the household person tested positive for COVID.  

  5. North Allegheny Soccer Club will email you if we become aware of anyone who has contracted COVID during your child’s session. If you become aware that you or your child has contracted COVID, you must inform the club president at [email protected] to support traceability of the virus. All information is confidential and the identity of the individual will not be disclosed.

  6. Soccer events may be cancelled for an entire team for 14 days should a player on that team test positive for COVID and they have exposed all players during a practice and/or game. Others within the club may also be required to avoid North Allegheny Soccer Club events for 14 days from the date of exposure if it is found that they were exposed to the player with a positive test. 

  7. If a player has been asked to quarantine but he/she has tested positive for COVID within the previous 90 days, he/she will not be required to quarantine from NASC activity for 14 days. Please email a doctor's note with verification to [email protected]

  8. If a player who has been exposed to a confirmed positive at an NASC activity remains symptom-free 5 days after exposure and produces a negative test on or after the 5th day, he/she may return to play after day 7 (on day 8) instead of after day 14 (on day 15). Please email verification to [email protected] 

  9. Please follow current CDC guidelines for those who have been vaccinated. At this time, the CDC does not recommend quarantine after exposure for those who show no symptoms. Fully vaccinated people should get tested 3-5 days after their exposure, even if they don’t have symptoms. They should also wear a mask indoors in public for 14 days following exposure or until their test result is negative.

  10. Coaches who are vaccinated but live with a household member who has tested positive are asked to quarantine from NASC events until symptom-free for 5 days and having produced a negative test after the 5th day. Please email verification to [email protected] 

Please adhere to all safety policies provided in this document to make the experience safe and comfortable for all involved.  We may need to delay or cancel all or parts of the season if club members do not adhere to the safety policies outlined in this document.  We reserve the right to take necessary actions to the extent the policies are not followed. We want the kids on the field and enjoying the game of soccer as much as you do. Please help us make that happen. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

covid symptom reference chart.pdf
covid play policies fall 2021.pdf

PA West COVID-19 Information Center

PA West Soccer has created a resource page on their website with information regarding COVID-19 and guidance for their member clubs (of which NASC is part of) in regards to policy and procedures. Their resources can be found at
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