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North Allegheny Soccer Club

Mission Statement

The purpose of the North Allegheny Soccer Club shall be to develop, promote and administer the game of soccer for youth nineteen (19) years of age and under living within the North Allegheny school district.

PLAYER Philosophy

The kids playing in our soccer club are obviously players on their respective teams, but PLAYER here is a reminder of the components that make a good experience for all involved.


First and foremost, this should be an enjoyable experience for the kids. We want the children to love the game of soccer and choose to be in the program because of how much they love the game.


Adults are here to teach the kids skills to help them be better soccer players but, more importantly, better teammates. They will learn as much from our example as adults as from our example as coaches. We want to help them learn soccer and grow themselves as people.


It takes hundreds of volunteers sacrificing time from their own busy schedules to execute these soccer seasons. We rely on municipal fields and resources to play. People drive great distances to play with us, referee our games, and train our kids. During the excitement of play, we cannot forget these gifts. We must continue to display behavior that shows an appreciation for the game and the people involved.


This is about kids playing and growing as people. Period. Don’t be the overzealous adult caught up in a bad moment, no matter the circumstance.


Growing as a player and person does not come without effort to improve. We want our kids to learn that rewards come from effort, not just attendance. We require that our players display full effort and attention out of respect for themselves and those around them.


Respect should be displayed for teammates, opponents, coaches, parent volunteers, referees, the community, the fields we play on, and the spectators. We want our children to learn that mutual respect of each other leads to better times and more friends. This example is set by the adults that surround them on and off the field.

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