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North Allegheny Soccer Club

Mission Statement

The purpose of the North Allegheny Soccer Club shall be to develop, promote, and administer the game of soccer for youth nineteen (19) years of age and under living within the North Allegheny School District.


Welcome to North Allegheny Soccer Club!

where sportsmanship is an expectation so...

Let the players play,

Let the coaches coach,

Let the officials officiate and, 

Let the spectators be positive.

Code of Conduct

Youth sports offer children the opportunity to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Children can only seize upon this opportunity if the adults involved in youth sports develop an environment in which these opportunities can flourish.

All adults participating in North Allegheny Soccer Club in any capacity, including that of a spectator, are required to adhere to the following expectations during any event in which North Allegheny Soccer Club participates. All adults participating in North Allegheny Soccer Club should adhere to these expectations when interacting with North Allegheny Soccer Club members or with the members of other organizations.

Prioritize safety. The physical and mental well-being of the children should never be jeopardized. 

Respect the game. Practice good sportsmanship.

Use appropriate language. Profanity has no place at a youth sports event.

Avoid verbal and physical intimidation. There is zero tolerance for verbal abuse or physical aggression directed toward coaches, referees, spectators, and/or players.

Display positive behavior. Negativity has no place at a youth sports event.

Let players play, coaches coach, referees referee, and spectators spectate. Players, coaches, and referees are human and make mistakes on the field. Adults are to act as role models for children and should always display an ability to tolerate mistakes. Spectators should be supportive of those on the field by cheering in a positive manner. Spectators should not demean coaches, referees, or players by shouting coaching instructions or putting down referees or children on the field.

Should an adult not behave in the manner outlined above while attending a North Allegheny Soccer Club event, the Board of Directors reserves the right to appropriately address such behavior.  Consequences include, but are not limited to, temporary or permanent removal from the club and loss of registration fees in whole or part.

The North Allegheny Soccer Club thanks you in advance for your part in establishing an environment that supports fun and the healthy development of children.

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