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Uniform Ordering Instructions

A uniform must be ordered if any of the following apply:

- Your child is playing with the club for the first time and he/she does not have a uniform
- Your child is playing on a Travel team for the first time
- You are requesting a replacement uniform item for your child

To Place Order:

  • Go
    • Username: email address (the one used to register for NASC)
    • Password: Travel players - natravel, In-House players - narec, TopSoccer players - natopsoccer *all lower case and no spaces for any passwords*
    • Click on Login

Ordering Deadlines: To ensure delivery, please order by the following dates as they apply to your player(s):

  • Tryout team players – June 30 (fall season) and February 15 (spring season)
  • D5/D6 Travel players – July 24 (fall season) and February 26 (spring season)
  • In-House players – July 31 (fall season) and February 26 (spring season)
  • TopSoccer players - July 31 (fall season) and March 31 (spring season)


Please note: Depending on when you register, it may take a up to few days for your player’s data to get from the registration system into the uniform system.  You will receive a separate email from Soccer Source when your current season uniform account is created and you are able to login and place a uniform order. If you do not receive this additional email or cannot login as directed above, please contact [email protected] for help.


Required items: 

  • In-House players are required to wear shorts, socks, shinguards and soccer cleats, and the official NASC In-House Reversible Jersey
  • Travel players are required to wear shinguards, soccer cleats, and the official NASC Travel uniform
  • TopSoccer players are required to wear the official NASC TopSoccer jersey
  • See chart below to determine the type of uniform your player will need.

Uniform Information

Soccer Source has opened a secure, online order site to place your team uniform orders for this soccer season.

Your child will need a Reversible Jersey if:

1.  He/she is a U5 through U8 player.

2.  He/she is a U9 or U10 player and has NOT been placed on a D4/D5 Travel team.

3.  He/she has outgrown or misplaced the reversible jersey from the previous season.

Your child will need a new Travel Uniform if:

1.  He/she is a new player (U9 or U10 that has been placed on a D4/D5 Travel team and all U11 and older players).

2.  He/she has outgrown or misplaced any portion of the uniform from previous seasons.

3.  You feel your child’s uniform is in poor condition and needs to be replaced.

Your child will need a new TopSoccer jersey if:

1.  He/she is new to the North Allegheny Soccer Club TopSoccer program.

2.  He/she has outgrown or misplaced the TopSoccer jersey from a previous season.


Uniform Best Practices:

  • During each registration period you will be given the opportunity to order a new reversible jersey, travel uniform, or TopSoccer jersey through After try-out teams have been established and/or a few days after registering for NASC through Affinity, your uniform account will be created and you will receive an e-mail from Soccer Source with additional information on placing your uniform order online.
  • Please check your child’s jersey/uniform at this time and plan for growth accordingly.
  • Due to jersey number assignment issues, all travel uniforms will be ready just prior to the start of the season and will most likely be delivered to your coach for distribution.  Please see your child’s individual e-mail from Soccer Source for specifics pertaining to their age group’s uniform details.

What is the NASC In-House uniform for U5 through U8 and U9/U10 players not on a travel team?

Each player must have a NASC reversible jersey to participate in the games.  A NASC Recreational  uniform for these age groups consists of the following:

What is the NASC Travel uniform for U9 and older players that are on a Travel team?

Each player must have a NASC Travel Uniform to participate in the games.  Every player on the team should be wearing the exact same uniform. 

The NASC Travel Uniform consists of the following:

What is the NASC TopSoccer uniform for U5 - U18 players in the TopSoccer program?

Each player must have a NASC TopSoccer jersey to participate in the sessions.

Duplicate Jersey Numbers Policy

No two players on a travel team may wear the same uniform number. In the event a player would like to wear a previous season’s jersey in the current season and it is a duplicate on the current roster, the following criteria will be used to determine which of the two players must pay for the new jersey/uniform number:

- If one of the two players has moved to the current roster from another roster, that player will be asked to purchase a new jersey/uniform number. The continuation of
a roster from one season to the next is defined as a majority of a roster from the previous season being rostered together for the current season and the head coach of
that majority from the previous season again being the head coach for the current season.

- If both players are new to the current roster, the VP of travel will contact the families of both players about the duplicate jersey numbers situation. If the two players
can determine a resolution, the club will support that resolution. If the two players cannot reach a resolution, the player who moved from the higher level of competition
in the previous season will be permitted to retain the jersey number. If neither player participated in a higher level of competition during the previous season and a
resolution cannot be reached, the President, the VP of Travel, and a Soccer Source representative will randomly select new jersey numbers for both players from
among available jersey numbers and that assignment of jersey numbers will be final.

Multiple TopSoccer players or multiple players on an in-house team may wear the same uniform number.

How will I get my NASC Uniform?

After registering with NASC for the upcoming season, you will receive an email from Soccer Source with further instructions on how to obtain your uniform.  If you have not received an email and are unable to login after following these instructions, please contact [email protected]

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