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North District

This is a program to provide training during the summer for all eligible players who are interested in receiving training from a staff of selected licensed PAWest coaches. The training will be twice a week of 90-minute sessions over a 4-week period in July. 12 hours of soccer training over a month giving players time to absorb and practice the skills being presented. Followed by a festival game day in which the skills are tested against other districts in friendly soccer matches on July 31.

Player Eligibility Requirements

* Registered and played in PAWest in the Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 season.

* Born in the birth years 2008, 2009, 2010 or 2011.

* Players that are ONLY rostered to a D4/5/6 team are eligible.

The cost is $85 for the program.

* 8 training sessions totaling 12 hours.

* District shirt for festival games.

* Festival games play on July 31.

Training Group Size Per Coach

* 12-player minimum with a 16-player maximum.

Training Center Locations:

Tentative District sites and times listed below.

Because of inclement weather or training coach’s availability a session may have to be moved to another date.

All training session locations and schedules are based on having the 12-player minimum reached.

Web site and sign-up portal: District Player Development Program | Pennsylvania - West (


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the goal of this program?

The goal of the program is to provide soccer training to all Community Club players at an affordable level. Building a better soccer foundation both in the player and the club they play for.

What does my soccer player have to have at the training session to participate?

Wear soccer/sports appropriate clothing. Shorts/Tee shirt or soccer shirt/proper footwear.

Size age-appropriate soccer ball (size 4) and water bottle.

What if we are on vacation and miss one week during the training is that an issue?

No not at all.

What is the difference between this and all the soccer camps I see posted around?

Most of those camps are usually one week in duration where the players are exposed continually for 5 days to training. Here the lessons are spread over a 4-week time frame, giving the player time to try it out at home with friends and family.

What if my child attends a camp but still wants to sign up for this program?

Yes, it will only enhance their soccer skill foundation. Like in school sometimes players gravitate to different coaching styles. The player feels more comfortable and learns more.

What if I coach a team and most of my players want to sign up for this program, will they train together?

If the age level works out yes.

What if we live in District “A” but District “B” works out for our family or travel reasons can we enroll there?

Yes, you can. We want this to work out for the players and families.

Where do I sign up at?

District Player Development Program | Pennsylvania - West (


Contact Chuck Bauer at [email protected] or 412-931-4476.


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