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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child to play soccer?

Please read all instructions and register here.

2. I missed the registration deadline. Can I still sign up?

Yes. Please click here and read the waitlist portion of the instructions.

3. What equipment does my child need to play soccer?

Please click here and view the equipment guide.

4. When do I get my practice and/or game schedule for a given season?

Please see the confirmation email you received when you registered your child. It will provide you more specific information about the release date of practice schedules/receiving your first contact from your coach.

In general, you can expect to receive your practice schedule in mid-March and your game schedule in late March for the spring season. You can expect to receive your practice schedule in early August and your game schedule in mid-August for the fall season.

5. Does NASC offer a program in the winter? Does NASC offer a program in the summer?

No. NASC only offers programs in the fall and spring. We do publish outside opportunities for winter and summer soccer under our Additional Player Opportunities drop-down menu. You can view winter opportunities here and summer opportunities here.

6. How do I order a jersey?

Please click here and read the information.

7. When can my child tryout for travel soccer?

Please click here and read the information

8. How do I know if a practice or game is cancelled due to inclement weather?

The club attempts to provide at least one hour of advanced notice in this situation. The website home page will be updated under latest news to communicate the decision. You will also receive either an email from a board member or an email from your coach.

9. Do you offer registration discounts for families registering multiple children?

We do not at this time.

10. Can we reuse our jersey from last season?

You can always reuse the reversible jersey if your child plays in-house.

Travel jerseys can typically be reused unless their is a conflict with jersey number when new teams are formed.

More information concerning the uniforms can be found here.

11. If my child played travel soccer in the fall, do I have to register him/her for the spring season since he/she will be on the same team?

Yes. You must register your child for each season he/she wants to participate.

12. I am registering my child for U9/U10 soccer and there are two options. I can register my child for in-house or travel. Which should I choose?

For the fall season, you should choose in-house unless your child participated in travel team tryouts and was selected for a travel team roster. You would have received notice that your child made a travel team via email.

For the spring season, you should choose in-house unless your child participated in travel soccer during the fall season.

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