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Travel Referee

To become a certified PA West travel referee:

- You must be 13 years or older at the start of the season

- You must get certified through PA West

- You must complete the background check requirements. 

- You must complete the required SafeSport training.

Please see this link for information from PA West on how to become or re-certify as a referee.

In addition to what you see on the PA West site, please note you should do the following after receiving your clearances:

- After receiving your clearances (it may take a week or two), scan each type of clearance into a separate .pdf file.  You should end up with three (3) .pdf files.

- Go to the PA West Affinity Risk Management Website and upload the .pdf files (instructions are located on the PA West Risk Management Site).

- Please e-mail a copy of the .pdf files to [email protected] for the club's records.

Please use Horizon Web Ref to connect to our club so we can assign you games:

If you already have an account there you can apply to join our association using these steps:

  1. Login to Horizon Web Ref
  2. Go to “Administrative Forms”
  3. Select “Join Another Association”
  4. Enter “205716” as the Association #

If you need to create an account in Horizon and have any questions please e-mail the Director of Referees.  We appreciate you making sure your age is accurate and you have a profile picture (of your face) so we know what levels we can assign you to and can place a name with a face.

North Allegheny Soccer Club Weekly Game Assignment Procedure:

Game assignments are made weekly and are based on the monthly availability information entered by the referee.

1. Your games will be assigned on Sunday night for the week. You have until Tuesday night to confirm your games. If the Director of Referees doesn’t hear back from you by Wednesday your name will be taken off list for that week and that game will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
2. The schedule will be available on the Horizon website.
3. Check the schedule as soon as you can, and before the deadline specified on the weekly email.


If you have accepted an assignment, but you are unable to fulfill that commitment, contact the Director of Referees immediately! You may be assigned multiple games on the same day, so check thoroughly! 

Email confirmations, questions, or issues to:  [email protected]  
Don’t forget to include your name on the email.
Be properly equipped (have a WATCH!) and on time for your games.

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